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Return and exchange terms

1. Customers who purchased products through the website of Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chuan Chiong") (website: https://www.chuanchiong.com.hk/onlineshop, shall abide by the terms of return. If you have any question, you can send email to onlineshop@chuanchiong.com.hk. Enquiries will be answered by the customer service staff during office hours.


2. Under the following conditions, product can be returnable

i) The product delivered is shipped in error and is not ordered by the user;

ii) The product delivered is damaged or expired; or

iii) The product delivered does not conform to the product description when the user purchases it online.


3. Product return procedure

i) Customer should notify Chuan Chiong by email (onlineshop@chuanchiong.com.hk) within 7 working days after the product arrived the designated delivery address. Please state the reasons of returning products and applying goods return.

ii) Chuan Chiong will review your application after receiving the user's return application. If the above conditions are met, Chuan Chiong will confirm the user's return application by email. After receiving this confirmation email, the user can send the returned product to the following address: 28/F, 148 Wing Lok Street, Hong Kong.


4. Under the following conditions, product cannot be returnable:

i) The product has been disassembled or used;

ii) The packaging of the product has been damaged or incomplete;

iii) The product is for promotion, price reduction and inventory.


5. Refund arrangement and time

i) Refund arrangementCustomer must return the invoice, all coupons and gifts with the product, Chuan Chiong will arrange the return. All non-returnable products will not be refunded.

ii) Refund timeCredit card issuing agencies may need four to five weeks to return the money to customers. The specific time will be subject to the actual situation of the credit card issuing instituation.

iii) Chuan Chiong will not charge a fee to process refund, but there might be transaction fees charged by the Payment Service Provider such as Stripe. 

iv) If the product cannot be delivered to the customer’s designated address and returned to Chuan Chiong. Chuan Chiong will only return the product price after deducting the shipping cost and other related cost.