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Order processing and shipment

1. How can we enjoy free shipping

Purchase over HK$800 in one order can enjoy local free shipping.                                                                                       


2. Can I pick up the order at your office                                                                                           

We do not provide this service at this time.              


3. Can I change my order items by email after I paid the order?    

The order cannot be changed after payment has been confirmed. You must cancel the confirmed order and place a new order.                                                                                                                                                   


4. How can I know I have placed an order successfully                                                                                           

If you place an order successfully, you will receive an email automatically sent by the system. The email will inform you that your payment is confirmed, together with the related order information. If you do not receive the confirmation email after placing your order, please check your spam folder or you can log in your account to check the order information.


5. How can I check my order status?                                                                                         

You can check your order status through the following easy steps:

Step 1 : Log in your account with your username and password

Step 2 : Click on “My order”

Step 3 : Show all order information


Order Status:


- Payment on behalf: you need to pay the order

- To be shipped: we have received your order information and the order is in preparation.

- To be received: order is being delivered

- To be refunded: please refer to the terms of return and exchange         

- Completedyou have confirmed receiving        

6. Can I cancel my order and refund the amount                                                                                      

In general condition, the purchased product cannot be returned. In case of some special circumstances, we will deal with them individually according to the actual situation. (Please refer to the return and exchange terms for details.)


7. Is the invoice delivered with the products?                                               

Yes, Chuan Chiong will deliver the products with the invoice.


8. If there is enquiry, how to contact?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

If you have any enquiry, please call us at (852)2541-1717 during office hours (Monday to Friday: 9pm to 5:30pm; Saturday: 9am to 1pm; Public Holiday: Off); or send email to: onlineshop@chuanchiong.com.hk                                                                                      

Our customer service staff will process your inquiries as soon as possible during office hours.                                                                                             


9. If I need to register as a member before I buy                                                                                             

No needboth visitor or member can buy online. 


10.  Customer service office hour                                                                                      

Monday to Friday: 9pm to 5:30pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Public Holiday: Off