Chuan Chiong Company

Chuan Chiong Company was found in 1931 and was reestablished as Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd in 1937. It has been a trading and wholesale company mainly involved in proprietary Chinese medicine, food product and tea since the 1950s and was one of the first Chinese goods distributors after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In 1949, Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd has introduced proprietary Chinese medicines made by Beijing Tong Ren Tang to the Hong Kong market and has exported them to other regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Ever since then, Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd has been in business relationship with Beijing Tong Ren Tang for over half a century, being the exclusive agent in Hong Kong and this continuous cooperation has been over 60 years now.

Mainland Investment

Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd has been actively expending the domestic and foreign markets with Beijing Tong Ren Tang, together establishing Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chuan Chiong Enterprise Management Counseling Co., Ltd. In 2000, Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd joint venture with Beijing Ton Ren Tong and opened a pharmaceutical store at Beijing Chongwenmenwai Street. It is a 4 story store with a total sales area of over 4000 square meters, selling thousands of products and is one of the largest pharmaceutical stores in China. In 2001, Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Canada) Co., Ltd. was established in Vancouver, Canada, and opened a retail store.

Furthermore, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd., a joint venture by Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tong Ren Tang, was officially put into production in early 2006. It is now manufacturing 5 different dosage forms, including over 30 products. To diversify its business, Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd recently invested in Xiamen Ruifeng Noodles Co., Ltd. The noodles factory has been in production since 2011, providing quality products for the European and American market and exploring the Chinese market at the same time. These establishments further develop the manufacturing business and expend the market for Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd.

Business Development

In order to accommodate future growth and development, Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd established a new manufacturing plant in 2010. The new facility enhances the plant’s operational capacity and also increases the quality and consistency of the products produced. In 2012, Chuan Chiong Co,. Ltd set foot in the personal care market, further expending and diversify its business.

In recent years, ‘Chuan Chiong’ uses diversified strategy for advertisement to target different market segments. It has sought celebrities as spokesmen for the Beijing Tong Ren Tang nutritious product line, and also actively participated in fairs and exhibitions such as the “Hong Kong Brand and Product Expo”, “Hong Kong Food Carnival”, “Family Health Expo” and "Food Fair”, to showcase its products and to bring more quality products to consumers.

Corporate Image

With a history of over 80 years, “Chuan Chiong” is now managing nearly 400 products and has a well-established reputation. “Chuan Chiong” strives to change amidst stability and will continue to make effort to deliver a brand promised with value, consistency and dependability ----- A trustworthy brand.